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We are a generation of influencers. Everyone is an influencer in their own way. Whether you are an up and coming model, looking to grow your social presence, be part of more photoshoots or get sponsored by a leading brand, our Influencer Marketing Solution is designed for you.
Our team of qualified marketing professionals has organized relationships with some of the leading brands and have developed a customized solution to help  build a successful brand as an Influencer.
We help you propel you into the next great Influencer and we are ready to help you!





We are a digital agency whose goal is to help incubate your career from start to finish with our proven influencer brand model that guarantees success in the industry!

Discover What Social Expansion Can Do For You

Marketing Strategy

As a customer, you will be given your own digital marketing strategist that will help you with every step along the way. With years of industry experience, we know what it takes to make you successful.  Our experts will develop a customized social media strategy that is brand-centric and consumer-focused.  We consider both sales and marketing in our social media strategy, with your vision always in mind.

Marketing Automation

Having the ability to identify and engage with your target audience is difficult and time-consuming. As part of our solution, we will reach out to over 2,000 people in your target market both online and locally with the intention of growing your social presence and providing you with more potential customers.


Photoshoots are one of the best strategies towards advertise reaching a digital audience.  With our photoshoots, you will be able to create your own desired look with professional resources.  We want to capture the best version of you. Let us be able to capture that moment and showcase you in the best way possible.

Brand Sponsorships

Being a sponsored model can be a huge asset to skyrocketing your career in the modeling industry. It will open new income streams to make money advertising products, attending trade shows, red carpet events and other related events. It will also provide help grow your social presence and help you become well known in the modeling world. We have created great relationships with some of the most successful supplement and clothing brands in the fitness industry and can provide you the ability to land a sponsorship!

What Our Clients Say

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Re-Order Rate Month to Month

The Starter Package

$ 80

Per Month
  • Commitment-Free
  • Access to exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities
  • 1 Photoshoot a Month
  • Database of Marketing Material
  • 1500-2000 Engagements Daily
  • Dedicated Marketing Strategy Consultant Support
  • 24-7 Skype/Email Support


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The Advanced Package

$ 120

Per Month
  • Commitment-Free
  • Access to exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities
  • 2 Photoshoots a Month
  • Database of Marketing Material
  • 1500-2000 Engagements Daily
  • Dedicated Marketing Strategy Consultant Support
  • 24-7 Skype/Email Support


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The Professional Package

$ 160

Per Month
  • Commitment-Free
  • Access to exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Weekly Photoshoots
  • Database of Marketing Material
  • 1500-2000 Engagements Daily
  • Dedicated Marketing Strategy Consultant Support
  • Customized Influencer Porfolio
  • 24-7 Skype/Email Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my followers be active?

Yes, absolutely! Every follower you gain is a real person that will naturally like and comment on your pictures (assuming they enjoy your content)!

Will I still be able to access my account as usual while using your services?

Of course! You will be able to use your account as you normally would (post pictures, comment, follow).

Are there any risks using your services?

We have a 100% track record when it comes to account safety. Your account will be held on our secure private cloud to ensure 100% security.  Our system operates within Instagram’s limits to ensure the safety of your account. Our team monitors these limits daily!

Can I cancel after one month?

Yes, if you feel as though our service is not for you then you can definitely cancel the service either by emailing us at or by canceling your recurring payment with us on PayPal.

What is your refund policy?

If you choose to cancel your account before the next billing period we guarantee that you will not be billed again. However, given that our service is continuous we only compensate customers with our services if they want to cancel after the billing period.

If I cancel the service will all of my followers disappear?

Absolutely not, the followers that you gain are yours for life! When you gain followers using our service, it is because people are actively CHOOSING to follow you. So even if you discontinue our service, you will keep your followers! You paid for our service so you will maintain your audience you have grown from using our service!

What should I expect after ordering the Influencer Marketing Package?

One of our social media strategists will email you to get you set up in our system. We will gain an understanding of your brand and target audience and then develop a customized targeting approach to engage with the audience you desire.

Within a few hours of being loaded in our system, you will notice increased activity on your page in the form of likes, new followers and ultimately new customers. This “social momentum” (as we like to call it) will continue to snowball as you use our service, the longer you work with us the better the results will be.

You also have access to our team of Marketing Consultants who will answer any marketing related questions you may have!

Finally, as part of the Social Expansion Influencer family, you will have access to our team of photographers who will showcase you in the best way possible to help you create great content and get attention of more people. This will provide you the ability to get attention of some of our great sponsors and other paid opportunities.

I love the Personal Training Marketing Package and want to refer my friends! Do we receive compensation from referring a new customer?

Awesome! Social Expansion loves having our clients refer us to their friends after seeing success with our services. Feel free to refer your friends and receive 20$ off of your Personal Training Marketing package. After you provide us with 3 active referrals your services are free for as long as they work with us. Be sure to have the people you refer to our business mention you for you to receive your compensation!

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