Reasons Why You Should Use Snapchat for Your Personal Training Business


Why use Snapchat for your personal training business? Lets face it, flyers and pamphlets are not the fastest way to target potential clients anymore. So what is the fastest way? 

In a world that is all about technology, personal trainers should promote themselves on all social media platforms. One of the most popular applications, with over 158 million daily active users, is Snapchat.

Here are a few ways why Snapchat can help you grow as a personal trainer regardless if your trying to grow your business, start working at a gym, or open up your own location.

1. People will get to see what training with you will consists of

Perhaps someone is interested, but they want to know what you are all about before they decide to invest money in you. Snapchating bits and pieces of your current clients sessions, motivational speeches, and Q & A can make them decide it is something they should do. As cliché as it may sound you want to “show them not tell them” what you’ve got to offer. Therefore, don’t forget to show value in your snaps, by showing what makes you different/special from other personal trainers. Why should they train with you and not another trainer?

2. Why wait for an email when Snapchat has a chat option

If a prospect is watching your Snapchat story, it’s so much easier to quickly ask you a question on Snapchat rather than having to close the app and open up their email to ask you a question. If they are asking questions, well they are most likely interested, and now you can keep following up with them until they become clients.

3. Videos on your Snapchat are easy to post so you don’t need to use fancy studio equipment.

You don’t have to go out and spend money on high quality lights and a fancy camera (unless you want to) to put informative content on Snapchat. By simply holding the record button on your phone you can show your followers what you do and how you can help them achieve their fitness goals if they come train with you.

4. Post deals, discounts, & events on your Snap

Make it fun! Post deals and/or discounts on your snap, for example “ The first 50 people to screenshot this post will get 2 free training sessions” (If you don’t already know, Snapchat will notify you if anyone has screenshot any of your snaps). You can also post deals, for example “Only for today until midnight purchase 1 month of training for only $299“. Also, record and post pictures of any events you have going on to show people what you offer at these events.

5. Snap people’s fitness success story/testimonials

People want to hear and see successful fitness stories so using Snapchat to post videos and pictures of testimonials can help you boost your personal training business. Posting testimonials will motivate prospects. You’ll have them thinking “If they can do it, I can do it”.

6. Snapchat your workout routine

Show your expertise level by snapping your workout routines. Break it down for them and introduce each workout and what its significance is. Show your followers you practice what you preach.


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