Why You Should Showcase Your Testimonials as a Personal Trainer


Is it necessary to share testimonials of your clients as a personal trainer? It’s not necessary, but it can defiantly help. In a way its like you have proof that your fitness techniques and advice have worked on others and can work on someone who lets say is still skeptical about training. Learn why showcasing testimonials will build trust and give you more credibility resulting in more clients.



Showcasing your current clients’ results will build trust for future clients. Personal training is expensive so people want to make sure they will invest their money on a trainer that will be worth it. By you posting testimonials it will show that you’re confident and transparent with what you do. People want to read and watch videos of previous clients. They don’t just want to see you talking about how great you are (although you are). Put yourself in prospects’ shoes: would you check out someone’s website who has a bio that says, “I’m the best trainer, I can help you get the results you want”. Or would you rather hear and see testimonials from previous clients explaining why you are the best? Most likely you would want to see other peoples’ transformations rather than just have the trainer speaking on how great he or she is.



You will develop credibility with more testimonials going up on your webpage and social media. How so? Well potential prospects are now watching and reading about you from real people rather than just your personal advertisements. Showing that previous clients have trusted you by letting them talk about their experiences is a plus. Along with the testimonials continue to post tips and motivational quotes to keep future clients engaged and eventually becoming clients.



The outcome of posting testimonials should be to get results: more clients, more revenue, and be a well-known trainer. Start off by asking your current clients to help you. Ask them to answer a few questions so you can create a brief paragraph that can be posted on your website. Some questions you can ask are: What made you take action and start training with me? What are some goals that you had before training with me? Were one or more of those goals accomplished while training with me? What has changed since we started training? Would you recommend me to others, why or why not? Another way to post testimonials is to record a quick 1 min video of them speaking on their training experience with you. Also, if they are comfortable, they can provide you with a before and after progress picture that you can post on your social media.

Make it fun and inspiring. Have a tab on your website that shows testimonials, and also post them on your social media platforms. Remember, testimonials can be pictures, Q & As, or videos. Make sure these are high quality, as it will make it look more professional and trustworthy. If you happen to need help on how to build an efficient website/social media platforms check out https://www.socialmediaexpansion.com/fitness-instagram-growth/ for the Fitness Expansion Packet. Let those testimonials speak for themselves. Good luck.



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