Social Media Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Cliental


Getting the word out about your business or yourself is not as expensive as you may think. Luckily we live in an era where social media is BIG. With the percentage of social media usage in the U.S. growing rapidly, social media marketing can help you grow your cliental. Social media will continue to grow so, investing your time and money in marketing on social media is worth it, without a doubt.

Posting on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. will help you target the people you want to reach. The platforms are there, you just need to put them to work to your advantage. Your audience is already on at least one of these social media platforms minimally twice a day. That being the case, your goal is to drive them to check out your page.


How do you drive your audience to check out your page? You engage them with your incomparable high quality pictures, ads, videos and exceptional descriptions about your business. Once you have created your content you can start adding them on you to your social media. Next, you can begin to spread the word to have people follow you. Better yet, you can pay a few dollars a day and have Facebook run your ads. You can pay for cost per click, cost per like, cost per action, or for 1,000 impressions. Facebook collects so much data from individuals, not just from Facebook, but also Instgaram (since Facebook owns Instagram) making it easier for your ad to be seen by the correct people. You simply inform Facebook the basics of the audience you want to target. For example, lets say you just open a new clothing boutique. You want Facebook to run your ads to people who in their history have checked out anything related to fashion, purses, make up, and jewelry; women ages 18-30; and that live in the United States. Depending on how many ads, how often, for how long and how much you want to pay per your ad is up to you.


Snapchat is also another popular social media platform you can use to your advantage. Snaps (posts on Snapchat) that are informative, consistent, and fun will have people watching your snaps and stories.  More and more people watching your snaps and stories can conclude in new clients. Also, other posts such as motivational quotes, announcements, testimonials, give away images, and videos can help.


Another advantage are the connections you can make on social media. Conversations on social media are much faster and who doesn’t like working with easy and fast solutions? As a result, your followers can comment on your posts rather than having to send you an email or call you.

Partner up with a professional marketing team:

 Marketing takes time, and planning and should be handled by a professional. Adding a marketing professional to your team will safe you time and money. They will help you end up with successful results rather than taking all the tasks yourself. If marketing is too much to add to your busy day-to-day schedule check out for marketing inquiries.







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