Step by Step Guide on How to Market Yourself as a Personal Trainer

Certification? Check. Clients? Where to begin…
The thought above may have crossed your mind as a newly certified personal trainer. You are now certified but how does one actually launch their new business? Attracting clients can definitely be the most challenging and stressful part of starting a business, but with the right steps, it is a straightforward task. Follow these tips and soon enough you can successfully market yourself as one of the best personal trainers!

Tip 1: Produce a Flyer/ Brochure

Your certification distinguishes you from many of the personal trainers around you and provides credibility. Creating a flyer/ brochure adds to this credibility and it is a simple way to list all that you have to offer in a concentrated fashion. Brochures and flyers are also easy to distribute and can reach a large consumer base. A brochure should contain your contact information, services, pricing and why you are the best personal trainer for the job. Make sure your brochure/ flyer is cost effective but portrays a professional image.


Tip 2: Customer Referral Program and Testimonials

A big and popular way to attract customers is through customer references and testimonials. Customers want the most for their money and time and are more likely to go with someone they can trust and have seen results from. Sharing customer testimonials on your brochure/ social media is an effective way to increase your value and provide credibility to your services. Taking this a step forward, creating a customer referral program is another way to draw in more customers. Offer current clients the chance to bring in a friend to a free training session. This will widen your customer base and make sure to show appreciation for customer loyalty!


Tip 3: Develop a Website

In today’s tech savvy world, a website is one of the most professional ways for you to showcase your services and market yourself as a personal trainer. A website shows that you are serious about your business and provides a single location where you can display all your services and highlight what you have accomplished. Most people today go online and research products, services, companies like yours before they make a decision. By not having a website that promotes your brand and services, you could be missing out on the thousands of people in your area that are conducting a google search for a personal trainer every month! Make sure your website is clean and easy to navigate with your contact information, services you provide, pricing and any specials you are currently running easy to find. If your not much of a HTML web guru don’t sweat it. Social Expansion has been perfecting personal trainer websites for years and offers amazing mobile complient website for an extremely affordable price.To learn more about our web design offerings, click here


Tip 4: Social Media is Key

Social Media is an important tool that can help you market yourself as a personal trainer and reach the correct target markets. Outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat can be used to promote brands as they provide users with the ability to create unique content and interact directly with consumers. You can distinguish yourself from the competition by creating a direct connection with potential customers and trade direct one on one attention. In order to foster attention, make sure to be receptive to consumer interests, create quality content, and build trust.
In order to get the most out of social media, there are a few steps to follow:
  • Make sure to create a specific niche and brand for yourself. As a personal trainer, highlight the services or unique program that you are an authority in. This will help you create an impression on your audience.
  • Create video content. Video content allows you to promote yourself and provides a more tangible energy that your audience can relate to. You can provide motivational content, share fitness tips, provide example workouts, all while building trust and a personal connection with your audience. However, remember to stay genuine and make sure there are not major discrepancies between your media self and training session self.
  • Stay active! Social media users follow numerous accounts, so make sure you stay on their mind by posting frequently. Interact with your audience and other trainers to foster connections and get your name out. You never know who will see your comments or posts, so post as much as you can and the possibilities are endless!
  • Look into Social Expansions Business Expansion Package. This package was designed to automate your social media process and make sure you are growing your social media following by thousands every single month. We engage with thousands of people in your direct target market every single day on Instagram to make sure you are consistently growing your network of potential clients.
If you would like help in learning how to market yourself as a personal trainer, check out our business expansion package here.


Tip 5: Partnerships?

As a personal trainer, you can choose to have a remote training business or you can choose to partner with nearby facilities. Contact hotels, gyms, and workout studios to see if they would be interested in forming a partnership. Ask to post your services in their buildings or advertise in their newsletters. Since most of these locations have their own fitness facilities, clients won’t have to travel far to workout, increasing your chances of retaining new clients. Your partner will benefit by increasing the value of the services and amenities they provide.

Tip 6: Work with brands

As your reach begins to grow and your social following begins to increase, you are becoming a larger and larger influencer in this industry. It is very common that brands will want to work with you in order to have you help push their products to your following. Reaching out to these brands can make an awesome additional revenue stream for your business. Our team at Social Expansion has grown relationships with some of the largest fitness brands on social media, so when it comes to the point when you are ready to grow an additional revenue stream as an influencer in the fitness industry don’t hesitate to reach out.

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