6 Valuable Actions You Can Take to Network


The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Networking is not just work talk, it’s a clever tool that can help you develop new ideas to make yourself and your business 10 times better. How so? When you network, you are interacting with others to exchange information and develop contacts that can help expedite your business. Take a look at these six valuable actions you can take to network.

Build rapport:

Before going out and talking to people you need to understand how to build rapport. Building rapport is key because you want the other person you’re meeting to feel comfortable. The first time you meet a person you should build a relationship so you can continue to connect with this individual. To build a relationship you wan to start by greeting them in a friendly way. Also, show interest, and give back positive and truthful feedback. You want to make them your friend not just a business contact. Once you have developed socializing skills you’re are ready to go out and network.

Go to events:

Going to events such as festivals, exhibits, and expos are a great way to networks. Think about it? People from all over are going there that are related in a way to what you are interested in, that’s why they are going. Connecting with these people is huge to your advantage. Perhaps you have something in mind but don’t know the solution to it, or don’t know whom to contact. There is a high chance that at one of these events you will find someone that knows the answer to your idea or knows an individual that can share a contact with you.

Be part of different businesses:

A big mistake you want to avoid is sticking to your profession. For example, if you profession/business is journalism, you don’t just want to network with journalists. You should reach out to others such as producers, photographers, or entrepreneurs. Having knowledge from different businesses will make you wiser because you are getting fed different knowledge from different businesses rather than just mastering one. Plus you never know if you’ll ever run into the needs of their business.

Attend to Chamber of Commerce Meetings:

Attending to chamber of commerce meetings is a great networking opportunity. Going to these meetings will give you access to direct contact with other professionals in and/or outside of your business. Plus, you can see who your competitors are and also find potential prospects at these meetings. The Chamber of Commerce hosts a lot of programs and events. Therefore, attending to these programs and events can help you build lots of experiences. It can also be a type of resource. For example, if you are going through a struggle in your business, you can possibly find another professional that is going through the same. After talking it over amongst the both of you, it may bring you to a valid solution.

Be active in your community:

Being active in your community can get you connected to the right person, believe it or not. Learning and talking to people in your community can bring you to resourceful connections or even clients. When you’re active in your community you get to learn more about peoples and they get to know about you. Getting to know you is triumph because you and your business will gain great reputation. Once you’ve gained better reputation you will have better authority because people will know you and will gain your trust. This is a good thing because now they will see you as a friend and not a stranger.

 Join Facebook groups:

Another smart networking tool are joining groups on Facebook. Joining different groups on Facebook can teach you something new you can incorporate to your business. In these groups you can ask questions, meet new people, post about events, and contribute with others who are interested in what you are. You can also create your own group to chat and connect with others to get more feedback and make your business stronger.


Now that you learned a few networking actions to take in person and online it’s your time to take action. Who knows, maybe networking will increase your ROI dramatically.




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