How to Start Your Fitness Reputation on Social Media




We live in an era where social media is BIG. With the percentage of social media usage in the U.S. growing rapidly, social media is the place to start your fitness reputation. Check out these 3 helpful tips that will help you start your fitness reputation.

 Brand yourself:

What makes you different, unique, special? When people mention your name, what do you want people to think of? This is what your brand should display. For example, when people mention Snapchat we think of the little white ghost. We also think of a mobile app that allows you to send videos, pictures and post stories that will automatically delete after 24 hours. Similar to that, you need create a logo and a verbal branding about you emphasizing why people should follow your fitness strategies instead of all those other fitness gurus. Once you have came up with your brand (not just a logo, but also the verbal branding) then its’ time to post it up on your website and social media platforms to let people know who you are and what you have to offer.

 Create an IG, SC, and FB for your business:

Now its time to show off your branding on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Why will these social media apps help? People love visuals, they want to see what is going on, what you have to offer and how your service is going to benefit them. With that being said, make sure you post high quality pictures and videos relating to your brand; this will make you look professional resulting in expanding your fitness reputation. You can target so many people on social media to help build a bigger cliental and with the help of marketing experts you can target the correct audience (people that are interested in fitness).

Post consistently:

Now that you have created your social media platforms, it’s time to post impressive content on there. This needs to be done DAILY. You want to post consistently to keep your audience engaged and keep your fitness reputation active. I know! You are probably super busy and don’t think that’s possible, but it is. You can either pick one day out of the week that you will devote your whole time to taking pictures, and shooting video etc. or you can partner up with social media marketing experts so they can do it for you. If social media marketing experts are what you need then we, Social Expansion LLC can help. We will manage your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest accounts with the goal of driving traffic to your website, growing your online presence, generating leads, increasing sales and help with your fitness reputation. Our mission is to display your content to the world and leave your target customers with an everlasting impression. 




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