How To Become A Fashion Blogger and Get Paid


Do you want to become a fashion blogger and get paid, but don’t know where or how to start?

You are probably already an expert on the latest fashion trends, so now it’s time to learn how to put your knowledge out there in the social media world. Here are some tips you should consider in order to become a fashion blogger and get paid.


Why Be A Fashion Influencer?

If you’re already into the fashion world, why not get paid for it? Really! If you know your stuff people need you! Fashion is very important. Physiologically people just feel better when they dress fashionably and who doesn’t want to feel amazing everyday? Also, let’s not forget that first time impression counts. When meeting someone for the first time either for a job interview, a meeting, or a date, what’s the first thing people ask themselves? “What should I wear?” or “Is what I’m wearing okay?”
Sharing your knowledge by becoming a fashion blogger will help your audience and it will help you financially, if done correctly.


What Do I Need To Do To Become A Fashion Blogger?

Create a website. This is where your readers will be directed to access your blogs. Just like fashion, first time impression counts, so you want people to click on your website and stay. Therefore, make your website catchy, unique, and professional. A professionally done website is the difference between somebody that is taking their blogging career seriously and somebody that is now. Check out Social Expansion’s affordable web design packages to see how we can keep your image professional online.
Be you. People will like you because of your personality. They will get bored if they see the same content as other fashion bloggers, so make yourself stand out by being you. Unique content is the reason they follow you after-all…
Use your own voice. Just because you are not speaking, it doesn’t mean people can’t distinguish you by your writing. The way you write says a lot about you: the wording, tone, technique, transitions, and vocabulary. 
Be transparent. Promote stuff you really like and believe in. If people see you promoting everything, you will be seeing simply as an advertising figure and not a real person.
Keep it interesting. Post daily, either a picture, a quote, or new blogs so your audience knows you are there.


How Do I Grow My Following?

To become a fashion blogger you must know your audience and be consistent on social media. If you don’t target the correct people then your following will not grow rapidly. Once you have figured out your audience, develop astonishing content to post daily for them.
Videos and high quality pictures are a must. Although what you write in your blog is very important, remember that pictures and videos are what grasps the audience attention first. If they like what they see they will read your blog posts.
Create an Instagram account and make sure you stay active! Over 500 million people are using Instagram daily, therefore posting your outfits, accessories, shoes, purses etc. is a great way to show your pictures and videos.
Marketing, marketing, marketing. If you weren’t born a celebrity then you need to know how to market yourself so people can know who you are. It is important to not only post content consistently but also be engaging with your followers and potential followers every single day. This is the reason we created our Business Expansion package which helps you reach out to over 2,000 people in your target market every single day. Check out our Business Expansion Package to see how we are helping fashion bloggers make their dreams come true by getting you in front of thousands of people every day!

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