What Should I Post About as a PT to Keep Engagement on my Social Media?


If you are a personal trainer and are already using social media as an outlet to showcase your service- you’re on the right track. Social media is the way to go simply because so many people spent a lot of time on there so this can bring in some leads. So what exactly should you be posting up on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook? You’ve heard it plenty of times “you need to post constantly in order to keep your audience engaged” right? Very true, however you need to not only post consistently, but also post information that is relevant to your audience’s needs and wants. Here are three tips you can apply to keep engagement on your social media platforms.

Educate them:

You’re are the expert, teacher, and professional. People want to learn so they will ask questions and you need to be ready to answer with good answers. Even when they don’t ask, you want to gain credibility by posting accurate information. You can talk about how important nutrition is to reach fitness goals, for example. However, rather than just showing why they should be eating a specific food, tell them why this is beneficial for their health/goals. You can also talk about the science behind it. Get into the anatomy behind each workout and why form matters.

Give examples:

Post about workouts, but explain to them what exactly is it targeting. For example if someone is looking to grow his or her legs, you can post a video performing a quad or hamstring workout along with a description on why this workout is valuable. Also show examples on different diets. Your followers are probably already aware that their diet is very important in order to reach their goals. Often people hear that they need to consume a balanced diet that consist of good proteins, carbs, and fats. Where many get confused though, knows what are good proteins, carbs, fats etc. Break it down by showing them what are good carbs to consider.  What foods should people avoid if they are trying to stay fit. Here is an example I created to show a relevant post on what I’m talking about.        


Show off on social media the results others have accomplished by working with you. These are called testimonials. It can be a before and after picture, it can be a video of someone speaking on how working with you has changed their lives, or even just a screen shot of someone thanking you for helping them reach their fitness goals.

These are just a few tips you can consider, but there’s much more you can post to keep engagement on your social media. Try these out and see how your engagement improves. You can also check out the Fitness Expansion Package at https://www.socialmediaexpansion.com/fitness-instagram-growth/ that we offer  in order for you to reach real people in your target market resulting in new active followers each day.


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