5 Tips on How To Become A Social Media Influencer in 2017


The marketing world has changed extremely rapidly within the last 10 years. With the end of print and brands focusing heavily on digital we are truly witnessing a renaissance period where being on the forefront of trends and technology can make or break a brand. Now more than ever before has it been more important for a blogger to become a social media influencer

There has been no trend to change the digital marketing world faster than influencer marketing. Rather than relying on Hollywood celebrities to propel a brand, brands can now work with individuals who influence a large group of people into doing certain things weather its buying a certain product, or traveling to a certain location for their next getaway.

There has never been a opportunity to become an entrepreneur today with thousands of brands spending millions of dollars to have your followers view their products. Many people want to become social influencers but don’t know how. Many more people don’t even understand why social influencers are important in today’s Internet climate.

I want to cover all of this stuff with a few tips and strategies for launching your own influencer brand online. You can do this through any major social network or even with a well-designed blog. The ultimate goal of an influencer is to build a targeted audience that hangs on your every post and treats you like an authority.


Tip 1: Pick a Niche and a Platform

The first step on the path to social influencing is to find your niche and become an authority on the topic that you pick. Topics can range from food, fashion, travel, technology, or something really targeted such as interior design. In order to succeed, you must be passionate and educated on the topics you display. Make sure to educate yourself on current trends/ techniques  and look at popular influencers in your niche and see how they present their content. Know what high quality and relatable content consists of as this will help followers believe that you are credible.
After finding your niche, you can decide what channel is best to promote content and which platform(s) appeal to your areas of interest. Visual content works best on Instagram and Pinterest. Links, ideas, and social connections work best on Twitter. Personal brands work best on Snapchat. Content and links work best on blogs. You do not have to be limited to one channel but it is a smart idea to only pick channels that apply to your content and will highlight your specific skills.


Tip 2: Consistency is Key

Once you have created your content and picked your platform(s), it is time to share! Make sure that once you launch your platforms, consistency is your new favorite word. Posting regularly is very important in trying to gain a following. Try to post on a regular schedule and post daily if possible. This way your audience will learn to expect consistent posts and it gives you a chance to build credibility while testing different content styles. Active posting also builds your personal brand, your account’s reputation, and helps others find you through search and/or re-sharing(pinning, retweeting, etc.)
One thing to be wary of is fluctuations in quality. Always pick quality over quantity. Posting every day can be hard but you must make sure that the quality of your content does not drop. Followers can sense when influencers are posting because they believe in their content versus when they are posting simply to post. So make every post count and you will definitely foster an audience that cares about what you share!


Tip 3: Creating an Audience

Now that you can walk the walk, it is time to talk the talk. Building an audience is all about networking and interacting with your followers. Social media platforms are places that people are looking to form connections with like minded individuals. Personal connections can go a long way so make sure to form as many as you can.
A good way to wet your feet is by contacting others in your niche and building rapport with them. Support their content if you align with their style and see how they interact with their followers. Meeting other influencers and networking with them can help you build your account and your online brand. Networking is a necessity in this business; in fact it’s pretty much the main part of being an influencer.
Your audience will grow much quicker with endorsements or public connections with well known influencers. Followers love seeing collaborations and their different worlds colliding which leads them to look into influencers that are supported by their favorites. Connections have immense benefits so be sure to give just as much as you get. Give shoutouts to bigger influencers and give credit when it’s due. Share recommendations for other influencers with your followers because at the end of the day it’s all about the community.


Tip 4: Now What?

Your accounts have launched, content is being posted, and your follower count is growing everyday, but you might be asking yourself now what? Getting followers is only half the battle, keeping your current followers and making sure your account and opportunities grow is the real test. But have no fear, there are ways to ensure this as well. Here a few things to keep in mind:
Social media is all about trends and trends are constantly changing. One way to be at the top of your game is to be in the (viral) moment. Involve yourself in important conversations, or even better, lead the conversation on social platforms when something is going viral. If you’re not part of the moment, you cannot influence it.
Next, presentation and image is important. Being an influencer means being under the public eye, which is a great responsibility. Along with all the fame and fortune, remember to be true to yourself and your original drive. A true influencer doesn’t concern themselves with the numbers, they are more concerned with the value they give and the quality of their followers. Remember followers appreciate originality and value honesty. Be careful of what you say and be professional with all your interactions as social media can be a virtue and a vice.


Tip 5: Network, Network, Network!

Opportunities are endless in today’s world. You just need to know how to identify the right ones and grab them. As stated before, networking is one of the largest components of the influencer game. Panels, conventions, and actively reaching out to like minded companies and individuals are very important in furthering your brand and opening yourself up to larger opportunities. The more you put yourself out there, the more chances you will get to share your content and impact others. And who knows, one meeting could lead to your own book, fashion line, or movie!
Brand endorsements have become a large part of influencer marketing. But how do they come to be? Once you gain a following and have established a popular brand name and credible background, you can then begin the process of reaching out to brands and companies that have similar goals and messages as you. Again consistency is key, so make sure that you communicate your interest to the brands you are interested in and do not forget to follow up. Make sure that you educate yourself on the company’s marketing campaigns, goals and visions to better support the idea of a professional relationship. As an influencer, your demographic and content is what company’s are looking for so be clear on what you have to offer in those areas. Walk in to every meeting prepared with a dedicated proposal and highlight your best qualities and all you have to offer!


The End!
Now that you are equipped with all that you need to start your social media empire, all that is left is to take the plunge and start today! Remember to believe in yourself! Being an influencer is all about spreading your content/ message and touching the lives of others in the process. But this can take time and not everyone will be an overnight success. Keeping this in mind, work hard and be patient. Persistence pays off and is recognized when the time is right and the rewards are always worthwhile. By keeping all these tips in mind, success is sure to be within reach.

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