5 Steps on How to Get Referrals to Get More Clients



Referrals are the best! It’s also one of the easiest ways to bring more traffic into your business.

If you are struggling on how to get new clients, check out the 5 steps below to learn how to get referrals.

How do I get referrals?

1. Ask your current clients: If you know your current clients are pleased with the value of the work you’ve done for them so far then you can ask them to help you get referrals. Remember referrals will only come from happy clients. It’s okay to ask you current client(s) to refer you to their friends, family and colleagues. It’s actually the best strategy to do, as their friends will trust their opinion more than a strangers’ or a post online. How do you ask them for referrals? Just ask! It’s that simple. Ask your current clients to help you and if they are happy with what you’ve provided for them so far, they will defiantly help. Something like, “Hey Marry, I’m so happy, you are enjoying my service, do you happen to know someone else that may benefit from my service?”

2. Emails: You can also send an email to your current clients. Make it easy so they don’t have to take out too much of their busy schedule. Send a quick and concise email that they can forward to their friends to learn more about you. The email should be followed by a link that will directly send them to your website or any of your social media platform.

3. Reward the ones that help: Make it fun and reward your clients that help you with gift cards or discounts. Create gift cards or coupon codes you can give to them for referring someone that is now a new client.

4. Network: You can’t always rely just on your client’s referrals though. You need to also network and put in work yourself. Go to places such as conventions, meetings, or anywhere you know your audience will be at. Talk to new people; introduce yourself, build rapport, let them know specifically what you do, and make connections.

5. Word of Mouth: Make sure you are providing the best quality to your clients. Do what you do best to keep them happy. Remember, it is the quality of your work that will please your clients and having them talking about you to others.

Follow up with Prospects

Everyone is so busy that they may forget to call you back, so make sure to follow up. You can follow up via email or a phone call. Either if by email or phone call, you first want to ask how they are doing or if they told you last time they were going to do something special this weekend ask them how it went. DON’T get right to the point or you’ll sound too pushy. You DON’T want to call and just ask if they are interested or not. Sound like a friend not like a sales person.

Thank you notes

Lastly, don’t forget to recognize the people who have helped you get referrals and send them a hand written thank you note. Personalized thank you notes are the best! This will make them feel appreciated and as a result they will continue referring you again and again.



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